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Economy Borough is now using Savvy Citizen to communicate important news and events with residents. It’s FREE and simple for residents to sign up.

For residents with smartphones, simply visit the Google Play (Android) or App Store (Apple) to download the Savvy Citizen App for FREE and opt in to receive information from Economy Borough. Those without smartphones can sign up via www.savvycitizenapp.com/signup and select to have text notifications or e-mails sent to them.

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Please note that, going forward, Economy Borough will be using Savvy Citizen for community notifications.

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Upcoming Events

2023 Beaver County Conservation District 

West Nile Vector Control Program flyer. Click Here

Part-Time Custodian Job Posting. Click Here

All Council Meetings Teleconference Instructions to Join are below:

Dial (720)843-2938 and enter 6444401, when asked for the access code.

Beaver County Property Reassessment

Beaver County has contracted with Tyler Technologies to conduct a reassessment project to update property assessments from a base year of 1982, providing an efficient technical process with current, accurate property values.

Beaver County property owners will be receiving tentative assessment disclosure notices in March 2023. Follow the instructions on the informal notice to review your tentative property value and schedule an informal review if necessary.

(For more information, please visit the Beaver County Reassessment website here)

Economy Borough Community Day 2023

The Economy Borough Community Day will be held on September 23, 2023. Please check back for details.

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