Public Utilities & Services


Water Ambridge Water Authority 600 Eleventh Street Ambridge, PA15003 724-266-4847
Sewer Economy Borough Municipal Authority 2860 Conway-Wallrose Road Baden, PA15005 724-869-3201
Electricity Duquesne Light Company Emergency: 1-888-393-7000 Customer Service: 1-888-393-7100
Natural Gas Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Emergency: 1-888-460-4332 Customer Service: 1-888-460-4332
Internet AT & T Services 1-877-385-7578
TV, Telephone, Internet Comcast Cable Services 1-800-COMCAST
Telephone, Internet Verizon 1-800-660-2215
TV Direct TV


 Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. 
CALL BEFORE YOU DIG  1-800-242-1776


Refuse Collection & Recycling

Valley Waste Service, Inc.
261 Wallace Run Road, Beaver Falls, PA  15010

To get a Recycling Calendar (click here).


Effective immediately, Valley Waste will no longer accept Recycling in plastic bags.  Recycling must be placed loose in carts or bins.  Please do not put plastic bags in your home recycling bin.

The Valley Waste Recycling Center is meant to sort cans, bottles, paper and cardboard.  It is NOT meant to sort plastic bags.  Plastic bags are among the greatest headaches for recyclers.   They slow down systems, drive up costs and hurt the quality of materials.

It is not that used plastic bags cannot be recycled into new materials, they simply require a different collection system and processing equipment than most curbside recycling programs provide.  Plastic bags can be recycled, just not in home recycling bins.  Instead, just drop them off at specially-marked bins in front of most supermarkets.

Economy Borough Boy Scout Troop
2856 Conway Wallrose Road, Baden, PA  15005

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