Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve the Economy Borough Community Room and/or the pavilion for a private picnic?    How do I reserve the Community Room and/or pavilion and what is the cost?    Only Economy Borough residents can reserve the Community Room and/or pavilion. Contact the Asst. Borough Manager/Secretary by phone at 724-869-4779, ext 2, or email at travis@economyborough.org for reservations and current fees.


Can I reserve the Barn and/or a pavilion at  Old Economy Park on Ridge Road Extension in Economy Borough?   This park is a Beaver County park and is operated by the Beaver County Recreation & Tourism Department.   Reservations for facilities in that park can be made by calling at (724) 770-2060.


Can I get events posted on the Informational Signs located in front of the Economy Borough Municipal Building?    What are the restrictions and costs?
The signs are primarily used to announce local recreational activities and these events have first priority. Other non-profit community events may be posted if there is no conflict and as time permits. There is no charge for posting these events as long as it benefits Economy Borough residents.


Where do I pay my wage taxes?     Local Services tax?     Mercantile tax?
Contact Berkheimer at 1-800-360-7214.  You may also download forms and information from their website at http://www.hab-inc.com/.

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