Recycling Information

Recycling not only works, but is mandatory for all residents in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (Act 101 of 1988). We wish to thank everyone for their cooperation.

Cans can be dropped off in front of the Economy Borough Road Department Garage. Glass, plastics and cans are picked up by our refuse collector twice a month. Yard waste can be deposited in a bin behind the Economy Borough ball fields if you have purchased a Yard Waste Permit.


paper-recycling-bins Some things just seem to go together and in Economy Borough (Boy Scout Troop 414) and recycling have become synonymous. From 9 AM until Noon on the 2nd Saturday of each month, the troop is available to take aluminum and bi-metal cans.

If you are not recycling your cans or currently recycling your cans at home, you’re encouraged to help Troop 414 by bringing those items to the Road Department Garage. Boy Scout troop 414 and Economy Borough appreciate your support.


Recycling will be picked up by our refuse collector twice a month on the same day as your trash collection.  (2023 Valley Waste Guidelines/Calendar)  Please keep in mind, that if your scheduled collection day falls on or after a weekday holiday, the collection will be a day late that week.  Acceptable recyclables are #1 thru #7 plastic containers, glass food & beverage, food & beverage cans.  Plastic tops and metal can lids must be removed and discarded.  Food particles must be rinsed out to avoid odor and insect problems.  Recyclables mixed with trash or in plastic bags will NOT be collected.  Recycle Bins are available at the Economy Borough Office Building, if you have not already received one.  You are able to use any container as long as it was marked “Recycling” or has the “Recycling Symbol” on it.  You may also rent a 95-gallon cart from Valley Waste Service, Inc. for $1.50 per month.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste consists of items and materials that can pose environmental and public health concerns if not managed properly. Examples of Household Hazardous Waste include:

  • Old paint and chemicals used in painting
  • Pesticides
  • Pool chemicals
  • Drain cleaners
  • Degreasers
  • Car care products
  • Motor oil
  • Batteries

The PA DEP’s website provides the following tips for managing and disposing of hazardous chemicals in your home:


  1. The best method of managing HHW is to prevent its generation in the first place. This involves selecting the least toxic item “to do the job” and buying only the amounts necessary.
  2. If the material is still useable (damaged/shelf life expired, etc.) check to see others might be able to use it. Check with community groups to see if they can use the product.
  3. If the material is not useable and/or if such “outlets” are not available, it should be taken to Economy’s (2023 HHW Collection Program). Such programs will ensure that your HHW is recycled or, otherwise, managed, in an environmentally preferable way, under the hazardous waste provisions of the law.
    • If you have (used oil), take it to a (used oil collection site).
    • Spent lead acid batteries can be returned to sellers. In Pennsylvania, dealers are required to take old batteries when new ones are purchased. Spent lead acid batteries may not be discarded in landfills.
    • Note – Used oil and intact lead acid batteries from households are not considered to be hazardous wastes in Pennsylvania. However, they are frequently generated in households and are thus often grouped in the household hazardous waste category. They are also frequently included in HHW collection programs.
  4. Pharmaceutical Management
  5. (How to Manage Old Propane Cylinders and Tanks)


YardWasteBinEconomy Borough’s residential Yard Waste Collection Program is available from April through November and consists of two parts: yard waste drop-off and tree trimmings pickup.   Collection programs are for residential use only, commercial use is not allowed.

Yard waste can be deposited in the bin located behind the Economy Borough baseball field & basketball court.  Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, & garden waste.   Cardboard boxes and paper bags containing yard waste material is permitted, however garbage bags and plastic material is not permitted.   Tree trimmings, shrubs, root balls, etc. are not allowed to be deposited here.   The drop-off facility is open from sunrise to sunset.

Tree trimmings, small branches, shrubs, etc. can be scheduled for curbside chipping & pickup.   Yard waste material that cannot be chipped will not be picked up.   For more information or to schedule a curbside pickup call (724) 869-4779  x 4  or  x 2.

A single annual residential permit is required to participate in either program.   A nominal fee is accessed to help defray the cost of transporting the material to the authorized dumping area.   The permit can be obtained and paid for at the Economy Borough Office during normal business hours.  You may also download the form from the Forms & Documents tab on this website and mail it to the Economy Borough Office along with your payment.


More information on Beaver County’s Recycling Programs can be found at:
Beaver County Recycling

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